Blooming Passiflora

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Blooming Passiflora

Blooming Passiflora is a type of resource nodes found in Southsun Cove and Ember Bay.

Gathering results[edit]

Possible Locations[edit]

3 nodes can be found in Southsun Cove and 1 node in Ember Bay. Here is the list of possible locations.

Heart of Maguuma


  • Only three nodes per day per account can be gathered.
    • You can harvest more than three Passion Flowers per day if you get one or some from normal Passiflora plants, but you're only guaranteed three per day from the Blooming Passiflora nodes.
    • It is possible to get more than one Passion Flower if you're allowed additional harvests on a single plant.
    • The limit applies across all maps. For example, if you gather from one in Ember Bay then you can only gather from two in Southsun Cove.
  • The Passion Flower will be harvested successfully regardless of tool quality.

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