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Binda is a norn, found in Icedevil's Needle in Lornar's Pass, of whom is having issues with the local skritt.


Shiverpeak Mountains


I never thought I'd say, "Gee, I sure miss bandits," but I'm saying it now. Troublesome as they were, they were better than these snot-nosed skritt.
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How so?
Bandits are straightforward to deal with, but skritt are slippery. Hard to spot, hard to catch, greedy, grubby little things. If another one of my tools goes missing, I'm eating skritt-tail stew tonight.
Patience is a virtue.
Only to some! The rest of us like to think we don't let people-or skritt-walk all over us.
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All right, then. Good-bye.
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Neither sounds particularly great.