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Adena is found in Venison Pass, northeast of Vanjir's Stead waypoint. She has had difficulty adapting to the new hunting grounds because of the absence of wurms and other great beasts she used to hunt.


Shiverpeak Mountains


I have tried to adapt to these hunting grounds, but they're not the same. I hunt wurms and other great beasts, but these are none here.
Talk more option tango.png
Why don't you go somewhere else?
Where would I go? I'm sure there are other hunting grounds elsewhere, but nothing that compares to our old ones. I would rather the jotun give us our home lands back.
Take your land back! Or are you cowards?
Cowards? No! But we're not foolish, either. I'll gladly fight to take back the old hunting grounds, if I can get the support to do it. But I'm not dumb enough to try it by myself.
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As long as you back up your words with actions when you get that support.
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Have you asked them?
We have, and in the traditional norn way of using weapons to do it. But they have pushed us back, despite our determination and strength.
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Just be persistent.
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Good luck with that.
Talk end option tango.png
Though luck.