Abaddon Talisman

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Abaddon Talisman.png

Abaddon Talisman

Abaddon Talisman Abaddon Talisman
Rarity CFine DMasterwork
+51 Healing Power.png Healing Power
+37 Precision.png Precision
+37 Vitality.png Vitality
+56 Healing Power.png Healing Power
+40 Precision.png Precision
+40 Vitality.png Vitality
Upgrade Upgrade Slot.png Unused Upgrade Slot Upgrade Slot.png Unused Upgrade Slot
Cost Silver coin 24 Copper coin 12 Silver coin 40 Copper coin
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Purchased from[edit]

Scholar Rolla, after finishing her event near the Plaza of Lost Wisdom

Contained in[edit]