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60 Zephyr, 1326 AE

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60 Zephyr, 1326 AE

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Out of the Shadows.png Grand Savant Valis the Learned's Research Journal
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From Waypoint (map icon).png Ground Zero Waypoint, use the bouncing mushroom a bit north, and let it bounce you to 2 more mushrooms (3-chain-bounce) to gain some altitude. When on the peak of the third bounce, glide to the east where you will see the scrap of paper.


60 Zephyr, 1326 AE
Progress is slow. My research on the harvested bloodstone shards has nearly stalled completely. The fragments refuse all attempts to extract their magic in an efficient manner.
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Slow-diffusing magic will not serve our purposes. Unseen ones, guide my thoughts that I might find the answers!
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The bloodstone itself continues to grow. Over the past few days, hundreds of new crystals have appeared in the clearing surrounding the stone.
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This phenomenon coincided with Zhaitan's death just days ago, and I would be foolish to assume the events were unrelated. It's amazing to think the stone could be affected from as far away as Orr!
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