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24 Scion, 1326 AE

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24 Scion, 1326 AE

Item type
Out of the Shadows.png Grand Savant Valis the Learned's Research Journal
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From Waypoint (map icon).png Zealot's Overlook Waypoint, fly north and down to ground level. This scrap is against the northern wall of the area.


24 Scion, 1326 AE
Utilizing fragments as basic ritual implements is fruitless and not significantly superior to traditional foci. Crafting weapons directly from the materials exhibits only minor positive phenomena.
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Powdering the fragments (methods detailed in footnote 27b) further reduces its properties, rendering it as useful as dirt. Consuming said powder proved.. ill-advised.
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I am reduced to believing we require a key to unlock the power. I have reached out to my contacts in the inquest[sic] and spies within the Durmand Priory. They may have access to information I don't.
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The justiciar has ordered me to package and deliver any bloodstone dust created in the shard extraction process. Our benefactors want to trade it for additional weapons and wares for our army.
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I would protest, but it's basically worthless to me anyway.
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