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Omega Siege Golem Blueprints

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Omega Siege Golem Blueprints.png

Omega Siege Golem Blueprints

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Double-click to consume. Use to construct an omega siege golem build site. It is faster and more powerful than the alpha siege golem. Range 1500. Requires 150 supply to complete.

— In-game description

[edit] Skills

Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Deploy Siege.png
 Deploy Omega Siege Suit
1 0 Deploy your Siege Suit
Cancel Build.png
 Cancel Build
0 0 Put your blueprint away

[edit] Acquisition

Omega Siege Golem Blueprints
Mystic Forge
Output qty.


Siege weapons (Blueprints)
Flame Ram Arrow Cart Ballista Catapult Trebuchet Siege Golem Defensive
Flame Ram Blueprints.png Basic Arrow Cart Blueprints.png Basic Ballista Blueprints.png Basic Catapult Blueprints.png Basic Trebuchet Blueprints.png Basic Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints.png Alpha Burning Oil
Superior Flame Ram Blueprints.png Superior Superior Arrow Cart Blueprints.png Superior Superior Ballista Blueprints.png Superior Superior Catapult Blueprints.png Superior Superior Trebuchet Blueprints.png Superior Omega Siege Golem Blueprints.png Omega Cannon
Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints.png Guild Guild Ballista Blueprints.png Guild Guild Catapult Blueprints.png Guild Guild Trebuchet Blueprints.png Guild Mortar
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