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World versus World
Siege weapon

A ballista is a World vs World siege weapon that fires large bolts to pierce a target with a maximum range of 3,000 units and an AoE target cap of 10. It is highly effective against individual players, small groups and siege weapons, but less so against larger groups and other siege targets.

Ballistae have two primary uses. The high area damage to players of Shattering Bolt and Spread Shot makes them excellent for controlling choke points such as the entrance to the lord's room in Hills, and the high damage to siege weapons of Reinforced Shot makes them useful for destroying defensive siege on structures, or for quickly taking down an attacking enemy's siege.

Ballistae require line of sight, and can easily be blocked by the ground or by parapets on the edge of structure walls, depending on the elevation of the target. As such they will often be built on the very edge of walls, making them vulnerable to attacks from enemy players.


Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Fire (Ballista).png
2 Fire a ballista arrow through approaching foes. Does double damage to siege weapons.
Fire (Ballista).png
 Swift Bolt
2 Fire a faster bolt.
Fire Shattering Bolt.png
 Fire Shattering Bolt
10 Fire a ballista arrow that splinters on contact, bleeding nearby targets
Fire Reinforced Shot.png
 Fire Reinforced Shot
40 Pierces. Fire a reinforced ballista bolt. Does extra damage to siege equipment.
Spread Shot.png
 Spread Shot
40 Fire a spread of bolts through foes. Does double damage to siege weapons.

Related world abilities[edit]

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Ballista Mastery
  • Skill: Spread Shot — Fires projectiles in a cone pattern.
  • Increases ballista damage by 25%
  • Fires faster bolts
  • Increases ballista range by 500
  • Increases Shatter Shot radius



Regular ballistae are built with Ballista Blueprints, which can be bought from a Siege Master for either 10 Silver coin or 10 Badges of Honor. Once deployed, they require 30 Supply.png to build.

Superior Ballistae[edit]

Superior ballistae deal 50% more damage than regular ballistae and require an additional 10 Supply.png (40 total) to build. They also have the basic Fire replaced with Improved Ballista shot with a 2 seconds cooldown which is the same thing as Swift Bolt but with a different name. They are built with Superior Ballista Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge.

Guild Ballistae[edit]

Guild ballistae are functionally the same as superior ballistae[verification requested], but they also display the emblem of the owner's guild. They can be built with Guild Ballista Blueprints, three of which may be purchased for 12 Silver coin + 3 Guild Commendations from a Guild commendation trader.



  • The bolt has a flight time and can miss if the target moves, especially if strafing perpendicular to the shot. If other foes are in the path of the bolt, they will be hit.
  • A viable strategy for defenders who expect a breach in their wall or gate is to build a ballista that is set up to fire through the expected breach. When they make their breach, they don't know what will be on the other side, and they will be grouped together. One or two bolts into the mass of them may break the charge.
Skills 3 and 4 recharge on both a per-ballista and per-player basis. When a player uses a ballista where the skill is recharging, the player's version of the skill is set to the current recharge of the ballista's

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