Fresh Water

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Fresh Water

Fresh Water.jpg

Flame Temple Tombs
(Diessa Plateau)
Water of Rhand

Fresh Water is an object found within the Flame Temple Tombs in Diessa Plateau. Water of Rhand can be obtained by interacting with it.


Getting there[edit]

When you enter the Flame Temple Tombs (Room 1, basement) you will be able to go left or right. Go left to room 2A (mortar launcher) and use the mortar to break the ice. After the ice is broken, swim down and go behind the stairs leading down into the water. Here you will find an underwater corridor leading further into the dungeon. When facing the corridor, look behind you, and beneath the staircase there is an opening to a small, round room. On the wall to the left there is a crack in the wall where the water is.


Fresh, unusually cold water trickles from a crack in the wall.
Talk ready option.png Bottle some water. (grants the Water of Rhand if the player does not have one in their inventory)
Talk end option tango.png Leave.