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Little icons[edit]

I think what you are looking for is a Signature. First, open this link in another tab/page. Then click on the PREFERENCES heading above to get to the area where you can edit it. The Signature area is about halfway down that page. SarielV 20 x 20px 17:07, 16 June 2016 (UTC)

Ack! I did as instructed, but I really don't understand how it works. I am, however, trying my darnedest to figure it out from looking at others' signatures in Edit Mode. =/ Inculpatus cedo (talk) 15:32, 21 June 2017 (UTC)

Two things[edit]

Two notes to pass on:

  1. Scythe's short reply to your feedback wasn't meant to end the conversation, but instead start the debugging process. It was a short quip, but it gave that iterative process some momentum. Your keen eye in noticing that duplication most definitely helps, as there is no need for Belinda's GS to appear twice, especially as one of them will lead the reader to a pointless location.
  2. Your mailbox on the forums is full.

Thanks! G R E E N E R 18:04, 13 March 2017 (UTC)

Oh! I thought it meant some automated action brought both pictures into the gallery, and that other page was there for some historical purpose.
Yes, I have over 900 PMs (almost all from Mods) in my mailbox; it's just too much to delete each one. Too bad there's no mass delete function. Inculpatus cedo (talk) 19:34, 13 March 2017 (UTC)
Both of your assumptions were correct, actually. There is an automated process and that was a historical page (though without much purpose). But one exists to give readers pertinent information while the other exists mainly for the wikiphiles and .dat diggers, and by Alex's decree, never the twain shall meet. G R E E N E R 19:44, 13 March 2017 (UTC)

Comments on the RfA[edit]

Thank you for being a wonderful foil in the discussion so far. Not only have you helped to contrast a lot of the dialogue, but you've brought up unvoiced points of view which I believe are held by many in the community. G R E E N E R 19:57, 20 June 2017 (UTC)

Oh, really? I thought I should just leave it alone. Seemed more like a 'you aren't part of this, go away'-type thing. Thanks for your kind words, though. I hope you get what it is you are seeking. =) Inculpatus cedo (talk) 15:30, 21 June 2017 (UTC)
Pro tip, unless you just start assuming you belong, it won't feel like you do. Pretend you've always been here and just do things. That's what I've been doing and so far no one has yet to call me out on the fact that I don't know anything about this wiki (shhhhh). -Darqam 15:38, 21 June 2017 (UTC)
What I've been seeking is more community engagement from people who either don't know what's going on or feel ostracized from the process, and you've been providing it. I really did mean it when I said, "Asking questions, from the most basic to the in-depth, is important. Keep them coming." Whether I become a bureaucrat or not is secondary to all of this. Imagine if no one cared what the mods on the forums were up to. Imagine if no one questioned them, paid attention to what they were doing, or held them accountable. That will only lead to a disenfranchised, disengaged community. I don't want to see that happen here.
Also, Darqam's right. The wiki belongs to the community; you're a part of the community; ergo the wiki belongs to you as well :D. G R E E N E R 19:25, 21 June 2017 (UTC)

Updates to Anet[edit]

Thanks for getting to these. Goodness knows it's been out of date for a while.

You may find it easier to put your referenced link into the "Summary" of the edit rather than citing via the Feedback section. For example, you could put "Adding Cal Cohen;", so that when people look back at the the history of the page they can find the specific edit (and source) related to that employee. G R E E N E R 16:49, 30 June 2017 (UTC)

Well, I thought about that, but since there were more than one edit, I thought this was better. Not sure it's even needed, but just in case someone wanted references, then there was at least that note to remind myself where I got the information. Sorry. Inculpatus cedo (talk) 16:59, 30 June 2017 (UTC)
It's not really needed, and I didn't realize they all came from the same source. No need for an apology, as you have my thanks for even getting this done. Continue on in whichever way is easiest for you to track. G R E E N E R 17:05, 30 June 2017 (UTC)
Well, I've kind of taken this page on as my 'project'. I'm thinking of going back through all the blogs to cull out employees for the page. Thinking about =) Inculpatus cedo (talk) 17:26, 30 June 2017 (UTC)
It's a lot of stuff to go back through! Drinks are on me when you're done. Enjoy the weekend! G R E E N E R 17:36, 30 June 2017 (UTC)

May I ask your account name?[edit]

Thanks for participating in On Wiki of Gold recently. You're eligible to have gold sent to you for your contribution to Set 600, but I don't know your game account name to send it to, and I couldn't find a character named Inculpatus Cedo. May I ask your account name? It's the one that ends in a dot and four numbers. For example, mine is Dash.9340. -- Dashface User Dashface.png 17:11, 14 November 2018 (UTC)

Sure, it's Inculpatus cedo.9234 Thanks so much. Inculpatus cedo (talk) 17:45, 14 November 2018 (UTC)

Superior Sigil of Nullification[edit]

Can these be considered as main sources of acquisition anymore? And looking at Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Item formatting it make sense to classify those two as "Other". (Personally, on another note, I'd start placing recipes above salvageable gear now, since runes and sigils can now only be extracted with an extractor or Black Lion Salvage Kit) - J.P.User J.P. sigicon.png 22:08, 14 November 2018 (UTC)

Jerry Schroeder[edit]

Quick question bout your edit to Jerry Schroeder's page. Did he leave ArenaNet or is he just in a different department now? If he's not there anymore, add "| former = y" to the bottom of the infobox so it can classify him as a former employee. Cheers! - Doodleplex 22:57, 30 November 2018 (UTC)