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Melina Swiftbow[edit]

Melina Swiftbow
  • Name: Melina Swiftbow, "The Dreamer"
  • Current Level: 80
  • Profession: Ranger
  • Origin: Human, Commoner
  • Animal Companion: Sebastian, the Melandru's Stalker
  • Home: Shaemoor, Kryta, Tyria
  • Character History: Melina is meant to be the direct descendant of Melora Swiftbow, my oldest and dearest character from the original Guild Wars who was an Ascalonian Ranger. Though taller in stature and physically stronger than her ancestor, Melina has developed a similarly kind personality that endears her to me. Like her namesake, her first animal companion was a Melandru's Stalker named Sebastian, but she is often seen in the company of Ambrose, her faithful brown bear protector. She is one of my most played characters, and is more or less the embodiment of one of my favorite classes, the Ranger. She was the second character that I played when Guild Wars 2 was released, and my second character to reach level 80.
Melina Swiftbow
Melina Swiftbow