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Hello, I'm ThatOneGuy. You know, the one you saw in the cafe the other day. Or the one bashing people for charging too much for their services. Yeah, that's me.


Recently an anonymous user made unauthorized changes to my page to inform me of things that "do not exist in GW2." I want to inform all readers that changes on this page should NOT be made by anyone without my permission. If you have a comment about my predictions, please do so on my Talk page under the Profession Prediction header. If you want to make a statement about the presence (or lack thereof) of a feature in GW2, be ready to back it up with evidence. Thank you - ThatOneGuyUser ThatOneGuy TOGss.png 21:36, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Necromancer Confirmed (Somewhat Unofficially!)[edit]

Although not officially released and confirmed on the Guild Wars 2 website, the Necromancer has been confirmed in the in-game demo here[1]. You apparently can hear the man say something about "sucking life" and at 0:38 apparently you clearly hear the guy say "Necro". I apologize for the poor quality of the movie player. When I find it on youtube I'll update the link. You'll know i did because this statement won't be here. :P Anyways, HAHA! I WAS RIGHT! THE NECRO WAS NEXT! xD

O hey, just found another video on youtube that TRUELY confirms it. See 0:16 in this video here [2]. Proves it. It also reveals a lot about character creation, like the questions you'll be asked.

ahem I apologize for all the changes adding to the log, but I just read the fuzzy lettering describing the Necromancer in the bottom of the screen: "Necromancers are masters of the dark arts. They summon the dead to fight for them, channel blood energy, and revel (?) in the souls of their enemies. Necromancers draw on life force and use it to strengthen or heal themselves and others."... yep, we have necros alright.

A Revelation[edit]

I just had one. What if the character on the far left (what I think was the "gunner" class) is actually the new soldier class, and the on on the far right (what I think is the "paladin" class) turns out to be an adventuring class? O.o That'd really shake up my predictions. I'll have to get back to you on that. I'm too tired to think right now xD - ThatOneGuyUser ThatOneGuy TOGss.png 06:31, 19 August 2010 (UTC)

Guild Wars 2 Profession Predictions[edit]

Now, I'm no expert, but I sort of see a pattern in the way ANet's releasing professions. So, here's what you should see on the main page.

Professions reveal detail 1.png Necromancer 04 concept art.png Professions reveal detail 3.png Elementalist 03 concept art.png Warrior 03 concept art.png Ranger 03 concept art.png Professions reveal detail 6.png Professions reveal detail 7.png

So from left to right, I'll label them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. I'm so creative, I know. Anyways, I am predicting that from here (the release of the ranger), the professions will be released in this order: 3, 2, 7, 8, 1. This is based on the fact that they seem to be going from the middle out, alternating between left and right. They started with Left, Right, Right, so I extrapolated to extend it to Left, Left, Right, Right, Left. Now, the following are the professions and their sillouhettes I believe they go with.

  • 1: A gunner of some sort *
  • 2: Assassin. I've seen artwork of what look like an assassin, and this looks like a pose the assassin might be in. **
  • 3: Necromancer. (confirmed, but in slot 2 not 3) **
  • 4: Elementalist (confirmed)
  • 5: Warrior (confirmed)
  • 6: Ranger (confirmed)
  • 7: Mesmer. There's been artwork of what appears to be a mesmer, and specific references in GoA. This looks a whole lot like a Mesmer.
  • 8: Knight/Paladin/Paragon. This is what I believe Logan must be as Rytlock couldn't possibly be anything but a warrior.

EDIT: it turns out that 2 and 3 were flipped on the main page (check out the source code: the second pic is labelled detail 3). So, my note (**) about the necro and the sin was correct. It was indeed a necro, but short enough that it didn't have to crouch (being an asura) and with hands, not minions, around it.

Anyway, lets sit back and watch the releases and see how my predictions turn out. I'll be so proud of myself if I'm correct at least on some of my predictions. :)

*Please note that Gunner is merely a placeholder name for a concept I'm still putting together. My current idea is
very similar to the Engineer idea many other people on the forums are currently discussing. I will update it as
soon as possible.
**I am seriously considering calling 3 the assassin and 2 the necromancer. It is possible that 2 is a necro kneeling
down with a minion at his side. Very similar to the ranger with her pet.


Here I will go into more detail about the different professions. This includes what type of class they are, what weapons they may wield, and what kind of skills they use.


These are the elementalists, necromancers and mesmers.


The necromancer deals a lot with death, blood, and curses, just like in the last game. The kind of magic they use depends on their weapons, listed here:

    • Staff - probably deals with death magic; raising and binding undead and spiritual minions to his will. He may also receive some offensive skills as well (Shadow Strike anyone?)
    • Scepter/Focus - A necromancer wielding these will probably have some curses at his arsenal. These deal conditions, hexes and other DoT spells.
    • (Sharp edge)/Dagger - A necromancer wielding these will most likely be spewing his own blood everywhere with blood rituals. Most likely these will be very much utility skills. Things like offensive buffs, healing, and probably some offensive skills as well (mainly due to the video from the races trailer) come to mind.

Read about the REAL necromancer here.


The mesmer class is all about prevention. If they can't hurt you, why would you need healing? The magic they use includes interruption, shutdown and illusion. They are most likely the fastest casters in the game, just like in the original.

    • Staff - The staff provides shutdown skills that either prevent or highly discourage enemies from taking certain actions through the use of punishments (i.e. take x damage every time you cast a spell, or you steal x amount of energy).
    • Scepter/Dagger - For some reason I feel like the scepter and the dagger are the weapons that provide you with skills to interrupt your enemies.
    • Sword/Focus - This pair gives you skills to create illusions (whether or not you will be able to create sort of "dopplegangers" of yourself I don't know, but that's a cool idea!). Illusionary Weaponry comes to mind...

See here for more information.


These are the Rangers, Assassins and (temporarily named) Gunners.


These people specialize in killing -- very fast killing. They get up close and personal with the enemy but don't stay long, as they are not built to withstand pressure. Their primary weapons are the dual-wield daggers. I suspect that they'll be able to wield (and maybe dual-wield) pistols, but I'm not sure.

    • None (except MAYBE a rifle)
    • Daggers (dual) - These give skills to gut and cut the enemy to pieces. It is likely chained attacks will come back into play and these will include a combo in this form. It is also likely that they will include a shadow step skill to get close.
    • Pistols (dual) - These will give skills to shoot the target in vital places and will most likely have a high critical hit ratio. It may or may not include a combo skill, but will most likely have a shadow step skill to get you out of the fray.



See here for more information.


These are the warriors and the knights/paladins/paragons.


Carrying over some similar qualities of the Paragon in Guild Wars 1, this class is focused on protecting the party; essentially, it's a guardian class. Equipped with skills that buff the entire party, it is not the most efficient in damage output.

    • None (except maybe a pole arm? or a rifle)
    • Shield(offhand) - This will most likely give skills that increase the defences of your party members.
    • Sword - This will give skills that increase the attack and movement speed of your allies, as well as slice-and-dice your enemy.
    • Mace(dual) - These will give skills that smash your opponents and control their movements while increasing the physical strength of your party members.
    • Axe(dual) - These will give skills that chop your enemies up with deep wounds, while increasing the magical capabilities of your allies.
    • Spear - This allows you to attack from afar, piercing your opponents and increasing your party member's movement speed to allow them to charge into battle!
      • It appears that spears will not be included in the original release of Guild Wars 2. The spear in the picture of the weapons page mislead me. :/

See here for more information.

I apologize for not finishing this. I'm constricted on time so I'm working bit-by-bit.