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She'll Put a Spell on You

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Race: Norn
Profession: Mesmer
Origin: Hoelbrak
Eye Color: Medium Green
Hair Color: Caramel
Animal Totem: Snow Leopard
Order: Durmand Priory
Birthday: June 14, 2015
Age: 6 years and 346 days

Biography Fanged Dread.png Biography Dignity.png Biography Guard the Mists.png Biography Lost an Heirloom.png Biography Snow Leopard Spirit.png
I am Jinx Dreamweave
Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with dignity. Snow Leopard, my spirit guide, teaches that there’s a time to be serious and a time to laugh.
I listen to my intuition and instinct in dangerous situations. And yet, in the past, I've been foolish. I wagered Romke’s Horn, an ancestral heirloom with magical properties, on a test of strength. I was overconfident, but I’m determined to get it back.
I look out from behind a mask of fanged dread.
This is my story.


0 Armorsmithing
0 Weaponsmithing
0 Huntsman
0 Leatherworking
0 Tailor
0 Artificer
0 Jeweler
30 Cooking






Norn tango icon 20px.png This user is norn.
Mesmer This user is a Mesmer.
Biography Snow Leopard Spirit.png This user embraces the Spirit of the Snow Leopard.
I'm a whisper in the night, eyes that glow in darkness. I stand in shadow, and my mask is the monster you fear. A mesmer's mask creates an image. This user chooses to look out from behind Fanged Dread.
Biography Dignity.png Trouble may follow, but I use my Dignity to overcome it.
My intuition gives me the insight I need to guard the Mists, where the souls of our ancestors endure in glory. This user's most important quality is that they have the necessary intuition to guard the Mists.
I inherited Romke's Horn, a magical ancestral heirloom passed down through generations. After one too many drinks, however, I wagered it on a contest of strength... and lost. At a recent celebratory moot held in Hoelbrak, this user lost an heirloom.
Snow Leopard is a stealthy, smiling spirit. She teaches us independence, strategy, and laughter in the face of danger. To this day, her wisdom guides me, and my memory of her visit comforts me on dark nights. When this user was still a kid, they had a vision. A Spirit of the Wild spoke to them and offered its guardianship. That Spirit was Snow Leopard.
Chef tango icon 200px.png This character is a Chef.
Map Exploration
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