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Astrid Sharpblade Sam Chalisto Miho Avdaggers
We meet again mortal!!
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The dragons have been patiently waiting for thousands of years
to show up on our doorstep, where we could least expect it.
Now with the help of the old Gods, we will send this
hellspawn back to where they came from. To stop
them we will also need all the help from Warriors,
Thiefs, rangers, elementalists and other
professions across Tyria.

We also ask you to join this great
Cause to save the World from
these creatures and reclaim
the once called ruins of orr.
So welcome brother and
give it your best to banish
the Hell back where it came

Ohh... and have fun playing the game of course and get CRIT!
I'll be seeing you in the game

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My current goals...

  1.Finish this wiki page
  2.Start Playing GW2
  3.Other stuff
  4.We'll see right?