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I would be more than happy to trap you with a massive wall of text with pretty background colours like everyone else, but I won't.

Mostly because I have no experience in any sort of coding... well, actually, I have a good deal of experience in actionscript, but that's not very useful here.
And I forgot most of it. oops.
Wiki says I am spelling colour wrong by using a u :l

Yeah, my page is still ugly and unskinned/uncoloured/whatnot.
It seems a bit ironic with me being an artist, but with being an artist come the fantastic skill of procrastination!
So yeah, it'll likely stay this way.


fear my all mighty bland white page!

Profession Predictions[edit]

"Everyone else was doing it"


Guardian (ie, monk/ritualist/paragon/warrior)


Psuedo-sin(coincidentally the name of whatever character I make using this class)(Also, now known to be called "Thief")
Engineer (seems sorta generic, but okay)


Mesmer (which is going to completely different from the original, due to lack or interupts/energy managment needs/hexes)

so.. stuff about me[edit]

"Because I fail too much to code userboxes"

.I am not sarcastic. Not in any way at all

.Favorite band? I.. er... have four. Rise against, One Eyed Doll, Cryoshell

.One Eyed Doll is not nearly as bad as it sounds like it would be

.For some reason, all of these blots have a period at the beginning of the sentence rather than the end

.I do arts. But my scanner is quite broked, and flash8 has abandoned me. so no arts for you

.I enjoy my gimmicky builds. Don't you judge me!

.That was the only sentence here so far to end in some form of punctuation

.I came all the way from the year 1994 to write this

.I can't imagine why you've actually decided to read through all of this

.The very most enthralling way of insulting an others cognitive deficiency is by telling that person eloquently

.Top hats and monocles for everyone!

.Writing from the stereotypically snowy state of Canada. Oh no! My igloo hath melted!

.Oops, ended with punctuation again

.anywho, that's about it. Or at least the very most I care to write at the moment. Or remember to write. Whichever works, really


Anything and everything goes here. But mostly random thoughts.


Goddam resource mining


Bets on how whether or not nearly EVERYONE will align their sylvari with winter?

My bet's on around 50-65% of the entire sylvari playerbase.


also... er.. no auto attack..?


Are sylvari flammable?

Just wanted to know.


How much larger are asura than most charr food items?


If I have a dagger used by a human, can my asura use it as a sword?


do dead hyenas float?


Will we get to dance in GW2?

will it only be according to race rather than profession due to it taking too much work?

will it even still be gender specific?


so.. if necro minions were considered "pets", and to be necro being the second pet using profession, what are guardian spirit weapons? the function more of less the same as necro minions, so then what's this second pet-using profession?


And he said "I wonder how long the thought of this unfinished quote is going to linger with you t-


-more random thoughts to come-

Rectangles that describe stuff about me...[edit]

"Because apparently I don't fail too much to code userboxes..."

Reez has figured out enough coding to use some user boxes! Rejoice!

Unfortunately, they have no box for regularly talking in the third person. what a shame.

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