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About Me

Right so it's time to write a little about myself and to stop being so lazy and just redirecting you ^^
Real name Sib...Ok! Yes that's short for somthing but most call me by this.I'm 34 and a mum to 5! Yea yea, I know where do I get the time to play game you ask.

Well thats easy. 1 cage and a shed at the bottom of the garden! LOL Yea I'm just kiddin. I can usually be found in game after 8pm GMT

I have been playing since 2007 and absolutly <3 my monk, Craige Lee. He (yes it's male!) was the first charater I ever made.

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Would like to say a big Thank You to.

User: Venom20

User: Neil2250

User:Felix Omni

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