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Well, I can't very well profile myself on this game, since the game isn't out yet, lol. But you can find me on the Guild Wars (1) wiki under this same ID. I just hope Guild Wars 2 will run on my aging PC. I really don't want to miss out on it. Anxiously looking forward to it!

All I can really say at the moment, is that I will decide between Human and Sylvari once the game is out and I have my copy. I will definitely be a necromancer. I may have lesser characters of other professions and races, just to try them out. Who knows? In GW2, I may like elementalist or ranger more. In GW1, I have five max level characters (warrior, elementalist, ranger, necromancer, and dervish) and the necromancer is my favorite.

Kass Munroe (KMunroe)

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