Ullen River

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Ullen River

Maguuma Jungle

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The Ullen River flows from Mount Gnashington in Brisban Wildlands to Metrica Province, exiting Metrica Province at Fisher's Beach Bend. Historically, it was nicknamed the Dark River by locals.[1]


Maguuma Jungle


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  1. ^ Passage Through The Dark River
    Old Joness: I have been a guide on the Dark River for many, many years. I know it back and forth, like the tracks of time on my very face. You must know this letter may carry you to your death. The passage we must take is perilous at best.
    <Character name>: The Dark River?
    Old Joness: Its real name is Ullen River, but those of us who know it best never call it that. It's the Dark River to us. Dark as in absence of light, yes, but that's only part of it. A shadow lies over that region, and it is cast by something...unseen, I suppose you could say.