Tixx's Infinirarium/The Grove

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This page contains information about Tixx's Infinirarium as the airship stopped at the Grove during Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx. You arrive to find that the Skritt have overrun the airship's facilities and your party must fight them off and repair the malfunctioning equipment.


Skritt intruders! The gift machine won't work properly until they're stopped.

  • Destroy the tar elementals, and return their ooze to the machines.
    • Machine 01 Ooze Reserves Level
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
    • Machine 02 Ooze Reserves Level
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Teleport to the platforms above the gift-giving apparatus and stop the mischievous skritt.
    • Skritt Intruders remaining: 12
  • Collect plant food near buildings for the Ventari toys.
    • Plant food received: x/15 Ancient Wood Log.png
    • Your contribution: x
    • Leaving in 0:0x.

The Ventari toys' turrets are out of control!

  • Destroy the malfunctioning turrets.
    • Malfunctioning Turrets destroyed: x/18

Toxx has gone haywire!

  • Stop Toxx from rampaging through the airship.
    • Toxx
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event fist (tango icon).png

Toy production is running smoothly. Tixx is grateful—as is all of Tyria!


The dungeon rewards are as specified on the main dungeon article, with a Ventari Frame as the miniature frame.


Fix the machines[edit]

Defeat Tar Elementals and collect the Balls of Ooze. Take it to either Malfunctioning Machine 01 or Malfunctioning Machine 02. Malfunctioning Machine 01 will lose progress over time due to leakage. Malfunctioning Machine 02 will keep its progress, so complete it first. Malfunctioning Machine 01 requires 5-6 Balls of Ooze and Malfunctioning Machine 02 will take 6 Balls of Oooze.

Defeat the Skritt[edit]

Head back to the waypoint and use the Teleporter to get to the upper level. There are three groups of four Skritt that patrol in circles. Defeat all the Skritt to continue.

Collect plant food[edit]

Collect Plant Food indicated by the four stars on the mini map. Bring it to the Toy Ventari collector. Skritt Foragers will steal the Plant Food as well.

Destroy the turrets[edit]

There are 18 Malfunctioning Turrets spread across the area on ground level. They go down quickly. Ignore the Skritt as they will disappear once all the turrets are destroyed.

Defeat Toxx[edit]

Toxx is the golem boss of this dungeon. It uses two attacks, a Rapid Fire-esque machine gun and a vortex attack with a wide range. The machine gun attack doesn't hit very hard, but move out of range when Toxx starts using the vortex attack. It can be defeated fairly easily, although it converts your conditions into boons and can quickly kill unaware players with 25 stacks of might. Focus more on damage rather than on conditions to ease the battle. You can also heal through the damage and just keep pouring conditions over it, as it will not convert all at once immediately.





After the first machine is restored
Announcer: Attention: gears jammed on production machine #2. Oil supply escaping.
When the skritt appear above
Announcer: Attention: unidentified stowaways detected near production unit.
When the Ventari toys go out of control
Announcer: Warning: test-subject malfunction. Hostile behavior detected.
Announcer: Attention: malfunction in the testing area. Test subjects are out of control.
When Toxx goes haywire
Toxx: Target—acquired. Hic! All—t-targets—must—remain—still—so I can destroy you.
Toymaker Tixx: Oh! Put her into sleep mode. I need to recalibrate her procols!
Toxx at ~75% health
Toxx: Hic! Do—not—resist. I—am—Toxx—hic!
Toxx at ~50% health
Toxx: I—have—the—spirit—of—Wintersday—in—me!
Toymaker Tixx: Oh! Put her into sleep mode. I need to recalibrate her procols!
Toxx at 25% health
Toxx: Hic!
After the battle
Announcer: Congratulations. You are victorious.
Toxx: Hic! Systems—hic! Shutting—down...
Toymaker Tixx: And a this, and a that, and a tweak to the torque nodule. There. That ought to do it. All better.
Toymaker Tixx: Happy Wintersday to one and all! Now, get back to work!