Tenzin Moran

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Colonel Tenzin Moran (b. ~1218 AE) was the well-decorated chief mate aboard the Nomad II. The son of Captain Osh Moran, Tenzin was considered a Krytan hero, with lots of medals for valour and bravery. He earned them fighting centaurs in the Shiverpeaks, and was according to his father one of their best sharpshooters. In 1256 AE Commander Sykox Steamshroud speculated that Tenzin was in the Krytan marines.

Tenzin was tall and strong, broad of shoulder with caramel-coloured eyes and a light moustache. His hair was curly, a dark brown shot through with sun-bronzed red. He had a rifle strapped across his back, and at his side he wore a macelike scepter made of iron and brass. He, too, wore the Krytan uniform—but his baldric had far more small medals and trinkets than Isaye Marriner's. Tenzin might not have outranked her, but he had clearly been in the military far longer, and far more notably, than she.

Tenzin distinguished himself in the Great Krytan Blockade.


  • Tenzin (བསྟན་འཛིན) is a Tibetan name meaning "the holder of Buddha Dharma", most notable as the name of the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.