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Shouldn't there be a link to the Fleshreaver article on GWW? I would do it myself but I'm not sure how to. --Elemental Phantom 15:02, 2 August 2010 (UTC)

"Needs citations"[edit]

From here. What's needing citation? Fleshreavers are mentioned in the Art of Guild Wars 2 - thus relevant to GW2 - and all information on that page comes from GW1 (both the manual and the game). -- Konig/talk 15:58, 2 August 2010 (UTC)

Their existence in GW2 is what needs citing. I, for one, did not know they were mentioned in The Art of Guild Wars 2 and thus relevant to GW2 because I do not have The Art. --Riddle 16:12, 2 August 2010 (UTC)
More specifically, "Thought to be destroyed, some survived and have prospered since." appears speculative without a citation. --Riddle 18:37, 2 August 2010 (UTC) From a new article about the Demo. Mango 17:46, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

Fleshreaver Lord Tytus[edit]

I'm not sure if this is a reference of someone with the title of "fleshreaver" or a lord of fleshreavers. So I don't know if it should be mentioned here. What do you think guys? Lokheit 00:36, 29 June 2011 (UTC)

It's a title. Race names are lowercased, so shouldn't it be "fleshreaver lord" if it were descriptive? Either way, seems irrelevant to this particular article whether it's a fleshreaver or a title. Konig/talk 00:44, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
Well... the description of the picture on the fleshreaver page says "Concept art of a Fleshreaver Lord" and is called Fleshreaver_Lord_concept_art.jpg, so I'm inclined to think that it's like saying Human Lord, or Asura Mage etc. ie, Lord is a title and Fleshreaver is an adjective Thering 09:26, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
The thumb is fan-created. Concept art files tend to not follow the english standard - original image is merely called "Fleshreaver Lord.jpg" - so that's unsupportive. Also, you wouldn't type "Human Lord" but rather "human lord" - racial names are lowercase (as stated - this is a fact of GW2's style as provided by a blog post long ago) and that's a descriptive phrase, rather than a title. Konig/talk 17:20, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
Except, as it says in the article you linked to, in a title. So capitals are correct if it is a title even if it is a playable race or profession Thering 18:52, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
That's not contradicting to what I said. "Race names are lowercased, so shouldn't it be "fleshreaver lord" if it were descriptive?". If "Human Lord" was a title, it'd be the most ridiculous title ever. That, and the other two (assuming that in the case of the original topic, fleshreaver=the race), are descriptive phrases by their words.
A human that is a lord would be called a "human lord" not "Human Lord" - unless said lord is a lord among non-humans and his humanity is what makes him distinct and having earned such a title - a fleshreaver that is a lord would, in turn, be "fleshreaver lord." A lord that has earned the title of "Fleshreaver" would be called "Fleshreaver Lord" (or, alternatively, "Lord Tytus the Fleshreaver"). Konig/talk 22:02, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
ignoring the caps, it simply describes Tytus(name), Bane of Lies(title) as the lord of fleshreavers. --Moto Saxon 17:18, 19 September 2011 (UTC)
I read the Bane of Lies as a title of the norn.
"Gaerta Whitebear. Enchantress. Destroyer of the Fleshreaver Lord, Tytus. Bane of Lies. "Let all norn know; this shall be an age of heroes."" - note that between every section there is a period, except between Lord and Tytus. Bane of Lies is equal to "Enchantress" and "Destroyer of the Fleshreaver Lord, Tytus" - it does not seem to be describing Tytus but Gaerta. Tytus is simply called/titled "the Fleshreaver Lord." Konig/talk 17:41, 19 September 2011 (UTC)
I haven't studied the GW and the wiki's grammar enough to be able to coment on upercase, but visually speaking, the guy in the page's picture looks Lord, and i'm not only reffering to his pose, but also to his physical differences to the minnions. I think that makes it likely that "Lord" is either a sub-species or a growth point (as in "hatchling" etc., particularly likely given their growth proccess). That logic coul aplly to Tytus too I guess, since the existance of "fleshreaver lords" could make him a speciment. Also, every major word of the quote is capitalized, so i guess that mudies the waters. After all, as someone mentioned, titles are capitalized, and the ENTIRE quote is Gaerta's title. And, don't fleshreavers live in the same mountains as the Norn? Xhosant 09:13, 17 May 2012 (UTC)

(Reset indent) The only fleshreaver I saw during the BWE were in Godslost Swamp and Blackroot Cut (both are swamps, and both hold portals to the Underworld interestingly enough) - those in Godslost Swamp appear from portals to the Underworld, while the ones in Blackroot Cut are part of a player-initiated event where the PC is led into a trap by them and a human graverobber. They were all simply called "Fleshreaver" (or "Veteran Fleshreaver"). Konig/talk 10:05, 17 May 2012 (UTC)

Good observation regarding the portals. I took my data on shiverpeaks being one of their habitats from the article. Still, we can't quite count on what we did not see in a BWE, cause hopefully, there'll be more to this game than the BWE stuff XD. I guess we can't reach a solid result until release, though my money is still on "Named Scary Powerfull Fleshreaver" for Tytus.
P.S. Why do ikeep thinking of a certain kid with a sword that plays an aquatic ball sport every time I read "Tytus"? ;)Xhosant 06:01, 18 May 2012 (UTC)

Creature type/race?[edit]

What kind of creature is the fleshreaver classified as? Will killing it contribute to the Imp Slayer achievement? -- 19:39, 7 June 2016 (UTC)