Soothsayer Jacinda

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Soothsayer Jacinda


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Soothsayer Jacinda was a human located in the Grand Piazza. She attempted to restore personal story missions for characters that had become stuck during the rework of the personal story and ended up with no active mission.


For players who missed Chapter 7:
<Character name>, I sense an imbalance in your aura that only my skill in harmonic reconstitution can resolve. Do you wish me to place you back on your destined path?
Talk quest option tango.png Yes, please try to realign my fate.
Talk end option tango.png I need a moment to consider my fortunes.


Sent to characters missing chapter 7 every time they enter Lion's Arch:


Soothsayer Jacinda

Your Fate is Clouded

I apologize for reaching out to you unbidden, but from afar I sense an imbalance in your aura. Please come to me in Lion's Arch so that I can help you back on the path to realizing your destiny.

—Soothsayer Jacinda


  • She will also attempt to repair the storyline for players who avoided the worst fear arc by moving onto the final missions while the worst fear missions were taken out of service.
  • Prior to her removal, Soothsayer Jacinda sent an in-game mail to players who had previously missed chapter 7 every time they entered into Lion's Arch.