Snow-Covered Object

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Snow-Covered Object

Wayfarer Foothills
Part of
Lost and Found
Refugee's Goblet
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Wayfarer Lost and Found Locations.jpg
A map of locations.

Snow-Covered Objects could be found around Wayfarer Foothills as part of Lost and Found.

Objects found[edit]

Item Return to
Refugee's Goblet Refugee Kirk
Refugee's Compass Refugee Cravia
Refugee's Ship in a Bottle Refugee Biron

Possible locations[edit]

Each object is located in one of several locations on the map, typically near the invader events that began during The Gathering Storm. The specific location varies across worlds and changes daily. For a variety of reasons, it can be difficult to find all three within a zone on the same day; if that happens, you can guest to another server or try again on a different day.

  • Dolyak Pass: South-West of Dolyak Pass Waypoint and the Dolyak camp.
  • Frusenfell Creek: southeast of Vendrake's Homestead Waypoint.
  • Halvaunt Snowfield: directly east of Crossroads Haven Waypoint, next to the large rock in the field.
  • Solitude Vale: southwest of Solitude Waypoint.
  • Wurmhowl Spikes: about halfway between Wurmhowl Spikes and The Icesteppes to the east of the road.
  • Dolyak Pass: Directly south of Dolyak Pass Waypoint at the mountain side.


You have received an item already
You already recovered this item. A refugee in Lion's Arch might be looking for it.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
You have returned the item
You had a lost possession, but it's back with its owner now.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.