Scholar Willa Lachlan

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Scholar Willa Lachlan can be found on the beach at Sanctum Harbor. She is part of a Durmand Priory effort to recover relics from the depths of Old Lion's Arch.


Historical location[edit]


So much to catalogue! Are you the trainee the Priory sent to help sort these artifacts?
Talk more option tango.png
I'm not. What are you cataloguing?
The Priory's doing its best to rescue relics from the ruins of old Lion's Arch. I'm taking inventory of what we've found.
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What's so important about these relics?
Relics like these tell us about the world our ancestors lived in. We can learn what they believed in, what they lived for, and what they died doing.
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I can see how that'd be helpful.
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That explains why everything's all soggy. Thanks.
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Nope, I'll let you get back to work.