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ArenaNet employee

Joshua Davis

Game Director

Joshua "Josh" Davis, also known by his handle Grouch, is the Game Director on Guild Wars 2 at ArenaNet. His previous roles included Associate Global Brand Manager and Competitive Events Manager. Josh was primarily involved in the Structured PvP side of Guild Wars 2. He administrated official Guild Wars 2 sPvP tournaments, often co-casted the livestreams of the tournaments on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel, and hosted the PvP-oriented biweekly livestream show Ready Up.

Even before joining ArenaNet, Josh was a major part of the Guild Wars 2 sPvP community. He hosted Guild Wars 2 Guru's monthly PvP podcast State of the Game. He was also one of the inaugural shoutcasters in the Authorized Shoutcaster Program.

Grouch left ArenaNet on December 2 2016, but returned to the studio on March 2021 as the head of Live Operations[1] and became the Game Director on December 2021.[2][3]



  • Game Director
    • December 2021 – Present
  • Head of Live Operations
    • March 2021 – December 2021
  • Global Brand Manager / Feature Team Product OwnerGlobal Brand Manager / Feature Team Product Owner
    • July 2013 – December 2016


  • PvP programmer Justin O'Dell revealed that Josh's matchmaking rating (MMR) was in the top 2 percentile as of February 6, 2015.[4]

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