Protect the Tuyere command post supplies

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Protect the Tuyere command post supplies

Sati Passage
(Fireheart Rise)
Event type
Event shield (tango icon).png
Dynamic event
Upon success
Talk more option tango.png
Get an extinguisher from Engineer Kayle Brightshock and put out fires
Upon failure
Talk more option tango red.png
Get an extinguisher from Engineer Kayle Brightshock and put out fires
Interactive map

Interactive map

Protect the Tuyere command post supplies is a level 60 dynamic event that occurs at the Tuyere Command Post in Sati Passage.


  • Time remaining: 6:00
  • Supplies remaining: 8


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 6,520
288 Karma.png 67 Copper coin
Silver 5,542
245 Karma.png 57 Copper coin
Bronze 4,890
216 Karma.png 50 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 60 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.



  • All the Iron Legion soldiers stationed at the Tuyere Command Post.



Before the event:

Camrin Neckbreak: What was that?
Virrum Willbreak: What was what?
Camrin Neckbreak: I saw something move.

When event starts:

Engineer Cole Evershock: Centurion. There are tar elementals crawling out of the lake.
Centurion Anun Surecut: The soldiers stationed there can handle it.
Engineer Cole Evershock: Let's hope so. This camp's important to our cause.
Centurion Anun Surecut: You worry about keeping the camp running, and I'll worry about keeping it safe.
Flame Legion Subversive: My life for Baelfire!

Upon completion:

Centurion Anun Surecut: It appears to be over for now. We just need to get the lingering fires put out.
Engineer Cole Evershock: That was close. Next time, we need to respond more quickly.
Centurion Anun Surecut: I'll have our legionnaires run a few drills.


  • The Flame Legion Subversives always spawn at the same location and must be killed before they reach the supply carts.