Get an extinguisher from Engineer Kayle Brightshock and put out fires

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Get an extinguisher from Engineer Kayle Brightshock and put out fires

Sati Passage
(Fireheart Rise)
Event type
Event cog (tango icon).png
Dynamic event
Preceded by
Talk back option tango.png
Protect the Tuyere command post supplies
Followed by
Talk more option tango.png
Protect Keelan and Old Heavyhorn en route to Severed Breach
Interactive map

Interactive map

Get an extinguisher from Engineer Kayle Brightshock and put out fires is a level 60 dynamic event that occurs at the Tuyere Command Post in Sati Passage.


  • Fires Remaining: 8


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 6,520
288 Karma.png 67 Copper coin
Silver 5,542
245 Karma.png 57 Copper coin
Bronze 4,890
216 Karma.png 50 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 60 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before the event:

Engineer Cole Evershock: Where've you been? Can't you see everything's on fire?
Engineer Kayle Brightshock: I went to get the extinguishers from storage. I'll hand them out now, if you don't mind.
Engineer Cole Evershock: Right. You do that. Soldier? Good thinking.

When event starts:

Centurion Anun Surecut: Engineer. Grab a bucket of water and help put these fires out!
Engineer Kayle Brightshock: Centurion, the Shock warband has been working on extinguishers that are better than buckets of water.
Centurion Anun Surecut: Will they put out those fire elementals?
Engineer Kayle Brightshock: You betcha! Fire is fire.
Centurion Anun Surecut: Start handing them out then. Let's put them to the test.

During the event:

Engineer Kayle Brightshock: See! I told you. Nothing to it.
Centurion Anun Surecut: Don't be so overconfident. It might get you killed.
Engineer Cole Evershock: So what if it gets her killed? At least, she'll have died for a good cause.
Engineer Kayle Brightshock: Um, thanks. I think.

Upon completion:

Engineer Kayle Brightshock: Success! Yeah! Woo!
Centurion Anun Surecut: Calm down. You impressed me today, but I fully expect you to let me down tomorrow.
Engineer Cole Evershock: Centurion, the Shock warband is happy to let you down tomorrow&mdashby impressing you again.
Centurion Anun Surecut: Dang engineers think they're so smart.


  • The number of fires that need to be put out depends upon the success/failure of the previous event.
  • The "fires" are represented by the Embers.
  • The extinguisher is required. You must use its first skill on the Embers for their deaths to count for the event.
Even though an extinguisher is required, it does no harm to the Embers. They must be killed normally, but be hit at least once with the extinguisher for their deaths to count.