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Prepare for a race around the Kodash Bazaar

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Prepare for a race around the Kodash Bazaar

Interactive map

Interactive map

Prepare for a race around the Kodash Bazaar is a level 80 mount race event that occurs in the Vehtendi Arena.


  • Speak with Samet or enter the blue marked area to participate in the upcoming race.
  • Make sure to be in the starting area when the race begins, to prevent from being disqualified.
  • The race will begin in: 2:00


The racetrack includes sections with Quicksand and gliding, the Skimmer can traverse most of the track, but loses too much height in a long gliding sequence, the Griffon however can easily complete this section.

Passing through a checkpoint will refill your mount's endurance bar. As a result, it is possible to clear the entire race using solely riding the Jackal.

If you fall off the track you will receive a special action skillDragon's Wing.png Warp that will bring you to the previous checkpoint you passed. If the previous checkpoint was in the air, you will be return to the last checkpoint that was on the ground.




Before the race
Samet: Want to compete in the race? Come talk to me to sign up.


  • Players that have successfully registered for the race will have the Registered effect.
  • 1 minute before the race begins, text will appear on the screen of those who signed up saying: Be in the starting line when the race begins to qualify.