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Permanent Mobile Crafting Station

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Consortium Mobile Crafting Station.png

Permanent Mobile Crafting Station

Item type
Account Bound
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Use to place a crafting station of your choice in most places. Requires 4 minutes to recharge.

— In-game description

Permanent Mobile Crafting Station is a reusable gizmo that spawns a Consortium Mobile Crafting Station.pngConsortium Mobile Crafting Station upon using it. Interacting with the Mobile Crafting Station allows to select any of the 9 crafting stations from a list, which spawns a holographic crafting station of the selected type.



Permanent Mobile Crafting Station provides full crafting station services, including bank access. Other players, regardless of party status, are able to access the crafting stations created by this item and see the placement cooldown effect on the owner's character.

  • Despawns after 15 minutes, like Consortium Mobile Crafting Station.pngConsortium Mobile Crafting Station.
  • Persists when the spawning user leaves the map.
  • The 4 minute cooldown resets upon changing maps.
  • The crafting window closes when the crafting station despawns.
  • After 4 minutes, another crafting station can be placed 600 units away.
  • After 4 minutes, if you don't choose which crafting station to place, another can be placed 200 units away.
  • If you don't choose a crafting station to place then change maps, the crafting station will disappear.
  • After choosing a crafting station, changing maps then returning the original map allows you to immediately place another crafting station.
  • Can be used inside instances.
  • Cannot be used in PvP.
  • Does not work underwater.
  • Cannot be placed in shallow water.
  • Cannot be placed on surfaces smaller than the station, such as small platforms, columns, or spikes.
  • Appears to conflict with summoned Black Lion Merchant Express[verification requested]
  • Work with Personal Merchant Express (can spawn 200 units away).