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Please consider helping! In these tables, I strive to establish ranges and drop patterns. If you decide to contribute, please pay attention to the specific piles and the order in which they drop. To that end, 2 drops of 1 Coral Tentacle each is not the same as 1 drop of 2 Coral Tentacles. Recording drops from a screen shot and/or chat tab with Game Messages > Inventory enabled may significantly improve accuracy. To add your data, copy the "blank" line below the table and enter your data with the first item on the left to last on the right. Above the mini-map, the first drop is at the bottom and the last at the top. Thanks and good loots! - Adeira (talk) (P.S. I wonder if Reward track loot box truly have separate drop tables, or merely use the referenced creature's table. How else would Trick-or-Treat Bags be in the loot?)


level 80[edit]

Fine Mushroom Cache - item #77261 MF by sig
X  Piece of Common Unidentified Gear.png Piece of Common Unidentified Gear Clump of Tar.png Rock Copper coin MF by sig

below level 80[edit]

  • Fact: For some containers, some of the contents are adjusted based on the level of the character opening the container.
  • Theory: Some of the drops that will scale to character level only do so in certain maps. See Reward track loot box and its talk page for more information.
    • Champion boxes are not currently believed to be affected.

Maps that allow scaling of drops[edit]

Fine Mushroom Cache - item #77261 MF by where sig
mwXX  Clump of Tar.png Rock Clump of Tar.png Rock Copper coin MF by PvP sig

Maps that inhibit scaling of drops[edit]

Fine Mushroom Cache - item #77261 MF by where sig
f 76  Shield.png Iron Shield 2  Fungus.png Wad of Slimy Fungus Copper coin 227 Mesmer tango icon 20px.png35 GH Adeira 2020-01-17