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Scaling of contents[edit]

When opening PvP loot boxes (I assume it's the same with WvW boxes) on a lower-level character, the zone you're in determines whether the contents scale or not. For example, opening an Undead Krait Loot Box on a level 15 character in Divinity's Reach yielded a large scale and an armored scale (among other things), but opening the same box, on the same character, in the Heart of the Mists yielded a tiny scale. Here are the zones that I have checked so far:

  • Zones that allow scaling of the contents:
    • PvP maps (Heart of the Mists, Custom arenas, I wouldn't dare test it in other modes)
    • WvW maps (home and enemy borderlands, Eternal Battlegrounds, Obsidian Sanctum, Edge of the Mists)
    • Fractals lobby
  • Zones that do not allow scaling of contents:
    • Cities (Lion's Arch, Hoelbrak, Rata Sum, LA's Aerodrome)
    • Open world zones (Diessa Plateau, Metrica Province, Crystal Oasis)
    • Instances (guild halls, home instances, dungeons, raids, Special Forces Training Area)

I have only tested boxes from the Glorious Reward Track in PvP, but I have tested it across multiple characters (lvl 3, 15, 25, 48 and 57). Some of these boxes I got from PvP'ing with a level 80 character, and some from PvP'ing with a level 3 character; it didn't make a difference.

I would like to test the Mystlock Sanctuary, but I do not have the pass. --Faelys 17:40, 6 July 2018 (UTC)

I have begun testing PvP/WvW loot boxes and adding a sub-80 section with space for location on pages as I update. I've been seeing some "split" scaling, where the gear may still scale but the other drops do or don't in a fashion similar to what you describe. Still to early to draw a conclusion, but will keep documenting and we can refine as we go. Adeira Tasharo (talk) 02:38, 8 October 2019 (UTC)
First chance that I've remembered to test Mistlock Sanctuary and based on Acolyte_of_Balthazar_Loot_Box/Drop_rate#below_level_80 it looks like it inhibits loot scaling on the general loot, but permits it on guaranteed drops. Adeira Tasharo (talk) 01:52, 18 November 2019 (UTC)