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Message from Vizier Khilbron

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Message from Vizier Khilbron

Message from Vizier Khilbron.jpg

Displaced Towers
(Jahai Bluffs)

Message from Vizier Khilbron is an object written by Vizier Khilbron found at the Displaced Towers in Jahai Bluffs.


Crystal Desert


Message from Vizier Khilbron

Your Majesty,

I write this knowing it will never reach your eyes. I've been faithfully yours since the moment I entered your service—I have never wavered, and I never will. I tell you this because you may not understand what I'm about to do. I belong to you, yes, but also to the dark god. He has shown me how to end this war. And the price is steep.

I will read this scroll, fully knowing the consequences. Orr will be gone. Perhaps forgotten. But it will not be remembered as a land conquered by brutes. To me, that is worth the sacrifice. I'm sorry, old friend—and I hope one day, when we meet in the afterlife, you will greet me with forgiveness.