Member of the Kennel

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Member of the Kennel

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You have been transformed into a sylvan hound.

— In-game description

Member of the Kennel is a transformation given by Packmaster Danador to players that have helped him manage his kennel. Players may also be forced into this transformation by the Legendary Risen Priest of Melandru when attempting to retake the Temple of Melandru.


Players are transformed into a Sylvan Hound.
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Snap.png Snap 0.25¼ Quickly snap at your target.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngSnap.png Bite 0.25¼ Land a vicious bite on your target for heavy damage, regaining some lost health.
2 Pounce (sylvan hound).png Pounce 10.25¼ 10 Leap at your target, damaging them and knocking them down.
3 Regenerate (fern hound).png Howl 2 20 Let out a long howl, terrifying foes and calling to nearby pups.
4 Super Sniffer.png Super Sniffer 15 Sniff the air for distinctive scents. See with your nose.
6 Return.png Return 2 End the transformation and return to your true form.


  • Players are still able to use their glider.
  • The Super Sniffer skill seems to serve no purpose since the paths it's supposed to reveal are always visible in faint gray starting at the gates of the kennel, leading to nearby mosquito eggs.
  • The transformation has no duration limit, but it is automatically removed if the player goes too far away from the kennel, indicated by gaining the effect "Strength of the Pack!".png Transform Fading that makes their model semi-transparent. Returning near the kennel removes the fading effect.
Despite Danador's dialogue, only players that have completed the heart are able to be transformed into sylvan hounds.