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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skin unlocked in the wardrobe. For the weapon, see Kudzu.


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Legendary weapons
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Kudzu is a Legendary weapon skin.



Kudzu is a green longbow covered in flowers. Its riser consists of a dryad carrying a golden spear with a thistle texture overlay that pulses gold.

  • When walking with this legendary bow equipped, you leave behind a trail of flowers and grass.
  • While drawn, the bow sheds petals around the player.
  • You can hear a birdsong wherever the projectiles are flying, while the bow is held in hand, or whenever Kudzu is stowed/drawn.
  • The projectile is the spear that the dryad is holding, which leaves flower petals in its path.
  • Flowers and leaves will blossom on enemies you land a critical hit on while wielding the bow.
  • While the player is downed, the projectile from those skills (such as Throw Dirt) will also be changed into the dryad's golden spear, along with flower trail effects.
There is a bug where Kudzu's projectiles will become other Kudzus, making it appear as though you are firing copies of the longbow instead of the normal projectiles.