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Irukandji are a type of jellyfish native to the Jade Sea in Cantha, where they, with other formerly underwater creatures like the carp and mantas, became accustomed to living above the water surface after the sea had changed into solid jade due to the Jade Wind.


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  • Introduced during The Lost Shores game update in the Solid Ocean Fractal.
  • All irukandji in Guild Wars used skills resembling those used by ritualists, a profession with the ability to summon spirit allies.
  • This creature is named after the Irukandji jellyfish, which can be found in the northern waters of Australia. This species of jellyfish is among the most venomous in the world. Many water nets that protect against jellyfish are rendered ineffective because of the Irukandji's size as the real Irukandji, unlike the Guild Wars creatures, are actually quite small.

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