Ingolf Roaldson

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Ingolf Roaldson is a norn who is waiting for his brother Uwe to play a game of "Toss the Axe".




Hail! You know any good drinking songs, friend? I'm feeling a bit restless. Maybe if Uwe finally gets here we can get together a game of Toss the Axe.
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Who's Uwe?
That'd be my brother. He shoulda been here ages ago. But don't worry about him. I'm the only Roaldson worth knowing anyway.
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Nice meeting you then.
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Toss the...axe?
You know, everyone gets in a circle and tosses an axe to the right. Or is it left? Anyway, you get hit, you take a drink. All I remember from my last game was the little sylvari who won. She had quite an arm.
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Sounds like fun. Catch you later.
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Yikes. Not for me. See you later.
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