Hidden Letter "Power"

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Hidden Letter "Power"

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to read.

— In-game description



More of our brothers and sisters have returned to our fold—disenfranchised with the supposed "noble pursuits" of this false god who calls himself Lazarus! He wished to use them as pawns against Dragons, have them throw their lives away while their families at home suffer at the hands of weak leadership.
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I promise you wealth, titles, and land for your service in returning the crown of Kryta to where it belongs—on the head of the Confessor of White Mantle! So what will it be: Throw your life away at the feet of a dragon like the foolhardy Pact? Or return to my good graces, and be rewarded with wealth and power?
Talk end option tango.png The author of this letter seems desperate.
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  • Using this letter counts as one of the "Hidden among bandit supplies in Kryta" objectives of Open Letters.