Help the Pact reach the graveyard outside Zaishen Antheneum

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Help the Pact reach the graveyard outside Zaishen Antheneum

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help the Pact reach the graveyard outside Zaishen Antheneum is a level 74 event that takes place in Elysium Beach and The Bloodtrough.


  • Help the Pact escape Elysium Beach.
  • Pact members alive: 4
  • Revive the fallen pact members.


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 13,598 Experience.png 351 Karma.png 82 Copper coin
Silver 11,558 Experience.png 299 Karma.png 70 Copper coin
Bronze 10,199 Experience.png 264 Karma.png 61 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 74 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





After leaving the shore, if the nearby statue is deactivated
Scholar Lott: The route ahead is split. Which direction are we going to take?
Scholar Nabbi: I think we should travel through the ruins. It's the most direct path.
Explorer Borkk: We've no idea what lies in wait in those ruins.
Explorer Cammi: We're pressed for time, here. I want to get there and start searching as soon as possible.
Scholar Lott: Very well, through the ruins it is. Let's go.
If the nearby statue is still under Zhaitan's control
Scholar Nabbi: We need to take a moment to decide which route we're going to take.
Explorer Cammi: Obviously, we should opt for the shortest path.
Scholar Lott: No, that way takes us past a corrupted statue. I'd take a route twice as long to avoid that.
Explorer Borkk: Agreed. Add my vote for the longer path.
Scholar Nabbi: I concur, and that settles it.
When Risen spawn (ruins path)
Scholar Lott: Watch yourselves! It's the Risen.
Explorer Borkk: Risen, coming right for us
Explorer Nabbi: We have Risen inbound.
Explorer Cammi: Defend yourselves!
Scholar Lott: Looks like more trouble coming.
Explorer Borkk: There's more of the creatures.
Scholar Nabbi: Enemy sighted.
Explorer Cammi: We're under attack again.
When Risen spawn (longer path)
Scholar Nabbi: More Risen coming for us.
Explorer Cammi: More of the Risen!
Scholar Lott: More Risen! Remarkable.
Explorer Cammi: Here come the Risen.
Explorer Nabbi: Here come the Risen.
Explorer Borkk: They certainly are persistent, aren't they?
Explorer Borkk: I never thought there'd be so many of them.
Scholar Nabbi: Look out! Risen!
On success
Scholar Lott: We made it! Set off the flare.


The event can be stuck with the pact blocked north of the waypoint. Fail the event to get it unbugged. Alternatively, if you let the stuck NPC die, when you revive them they move again.
The event can be stuck at the very start on the beach. NPCs will full heal on death so failing the event is not an option. Will need to wait for overflow map or server reset to unbug it.