Help Karris Quickcalm hunt for wurm eggs inside Wurm's Gullet

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Help Karris Quickcalm hunt for wurm eggs inside Wurm's Gullet

Event maps
Help Karris Quickcalm Hunt for wurm eggs inside Wurm's Gullet.jpg

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help Karris Quickcalm hunt for wurm eggs inside Wurm's Gullet is a level 16 event that occurs in The Wurm's Gullet.


  • Karris Quickcalm
  • Event bar.jpg Event shield (tango icon).png
  • Wurm Eggs
  • Event bar empty2.jpg Wurm Egg.png
  • Your contribution: x
  • Revive Karris Quickcalm (only if she's been killed)


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 647 Experience.png 90 Karma 21 Copper coin
Silver 550 Experience.png 77 Karma 18 Copper coin
Bronze 485 Experience.png 68 Karma 16 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 16 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.






Event pre
Aynna Quicksight: Hey, where'd all the eggs go? Don't tell me we're out again. So soon?
Karris Quickcalm: You ate them. You don't remember?
Aynna Quicksight: All of them? (snort) It's not my fault. They're so good. Make more, will you? If you do, I'll clean your tools for you.
Karris Quickcalm: Deal! I'll be back in a little while with a fresh batch.
Karris Quickcalm: Hey, how's it going?
Naat Surestrike: Terrible! Look [sic] the post I was assigned. I'm missing Meatoberfest.
Karris Quickcalm: Sorry to hear that, but I've got to get into this cave and collect some wurm eggs for the festival.
Naat Surestrike: (sigh) Carry on.
Event start
Karris Quickcalm: (sniff) Those wurm eggs smell ripe!
When Karris gets enough eggs
Karris Quickcalm: Nice! I've almost got enough eggs. Just a few more, maybe.
Event conclusion
Karris Quickcalm: All right! I've got more than enough. If I take back too many, those drunkards will overeat.
Karris Quickcalm: Time to get out of here and head back to town!
Aynna Quicksight: Finally! What took you so long? I was getting tired of waiting.
Aynna Quicksight: Thinking about pickled wurm eggs-slimy, blackened, deep-fried-got my stomach growling! I wanna help cook.
Karris Quickcalm: Leave the cooking to me. Hey! Watch it! Don't drool on anything.


Cave wurm hatchlings will continue to drop wurm eggs and wurm nests will persist in the cave even after the event is finished.
  • It initially starts in the Village of Butcher's Block.
  • Once this event has been completed, it takes more than four minutes for the next event in the chain to start.
  • Hatchlings drop 1-3 wurm eggs when killed and each nest in the cave contains 1 wurm egg.
  • If done solo, it will take roughly 40 eggs.