Grenth's Domain (effect)

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(unnamed effect)

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You're been transported to Grenth's Domain. Corruption will accumulate faster, but you can attack the shades.

— In-game description

Grenth's Domain is an effect that allows player to directly attack Shades during Temple of Grenth events. It is granted to players upon stepping on the ground portals in either side of the room. Players lose the effect upon downed, entering the portals again, leaving the event instance, or using a transform skill, including Death Shroud or Reaper's Shroud.
  • The portals are only available when the Pact are attacking the Temple of Grenth.
    • Since the game update of June 28, 2016, one portal/whirlpool is also present while the Temple of Grenth is under the Pact's control. Portal is on the left as you run inside the temple.
This portal does not cause any Corruption to accumulate, making it useless for acquiring Corrupted Ooze.


  • This effect does not have an official name.
  • This effect increases the amount of Corruption gained by being hit by Shades.