Freezie's Frozen Heart

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Freezie's Frozen Heart


Freezie's Frozen Heart healing.jpg

Freezie's Heart between >33 and <100 percent health.

Freezie's Heart Statue.jpg

Freezie's Heart fully healed.

Freezie's Frozen Heart is the heart of Freezie which has been frozen over and hardened in the absence of Dwayna. Softening it is the objective of the Wintersday raid, Secret Lair of the Snowmen.



Combat abilities[edit]

  • Stationary.
  • The Frozen Heart appears when Freezie's health reaches zero.
  • It must be healed to full by using the Snowball special action skill.
  • Once it is fully healed, the raid finishes.
  • Its health is carried over between phases


  • Its appearance changes based on its health, while it starts out with 0% it only consists of ice, at 33% its appearance changes to include snow on the upper part and when at full health the icy core is completely encased in snow.

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