Fang Foulgut

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Fang Foulgut is a soldier in the Village of Butcher's Block. He and his warband are all injured soldiers from the war against the Flame Legion.



You look like you've seen some Flame Legion action. Is that a burn mark?
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What? Burn mark?
I've got burn marks that would make your tail curl. My warband and me, we took the fight to the Flame Legion a few years ago. We made it all the way to the Tuyere command post, but then we were ambushed.
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What happened?
We buried them in their own lava. Unfortunately, none of us walked away without crippling injuries. Me, I took a blast that hit me right in the head. I've been seeing double ever since, except when I'm drinking. Then I see triple. (laugh)
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I'm sorry. You served the legions well. Respect.
From a hero like you, that means a lot. Thanks. Let me give you one bit of advice. If you ever come across Flame Legion, don't turn your back on them.
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I'll remember that. Thank you.
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Take care of yourself. Good-bye.
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I can only imagine. Good-bye
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No time to chat. Goodbye.