Escort Vanguard supplies to Doomspy's Watch with Kestra

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Escort Vanguard supplies to Doomspy's Watch with Kestra

Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort Vanguard supplies to Doomspy's Watch with Kestra is a level 37 dynamic event that starts in Bento Canyon, goes through Sniper's Woods and leads to Tenaebron Lake.


  • Branded population remaining: x%


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,948 Experience.png 185 Karma.png 43 Copper coin
Silver 1,656 Experience.png 157 Karma.png 36 Copper coin
Bronze 1,461 Experience.png 139 Karma.png 32 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 37 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Siegemaster Erold: "If we can rebuild this catapult, it'll do a lot to bolster our defenses. Too bad this crap has been tainted by the Brand."
Siegemaster Erold: "Head to Tyler's Bivouac and requisition enough supplies for a siege engine. Then we'll have the upper hand here."
Vanguard Scout Kestra: "Yes sir. On my way now."
Vanguard Scout Kestra: "I'm here from the delegation camp in Doomspy's Watch. We need supplies, rations, and siege parts. Have you any to spare?"
Lieutenant Tylard: "You're stationed in the Watch? Yeah, take what you need. Choose wisely. might be the last stuff you'll ever see."
Vanguard Scout Kestra: "What are you talking about?"
Lieutenant Tylard: "I've seen Doomspy's Watch. I'd rather go camping in front of a firing squad. Good luck, soldier."
Vanguard Scout Kestra: "All right? Follow me."
At first enemy wave
Vanguard Scout Kestra: "Griffons? They must have been tracking us."
Approaching Separatists
Vanguard Scout Kestra: "Huh. Those guys look a little suspicious."
Upon completion
Vanguard Scout Kestra: "Supplies are here!"
Siegemaster Erod: "Outstanding, Kestra. We have enough here to rebuild the ballista. There's even some extra scrap."
Engineer Truelaunch: "What you call scrap, I call mortar materials. Oh, I can make something dangerous with this."
Siegemaster Erod: "Good idea. With mortars and the ballista, we'll be ready for whatever lurches out of the brand."