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Elite Deranged Spirit

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Elite Deranged Spirit


Deranged Spirit (alt).jpg

Male version

Elite Deranged Spirits are tough hostile ghosts that can be sometimes found within the ruins of Fragmented Wastes.


Heart of Maguuma

Event involvement[edit]

Event swords (tango icon).png Exorcise the angered spirits haunting Zealot's Overlook (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Long Range Attacks
  • Shadowsteps
  • Torment.png
  • Spirit Projectile - Shoots a spirit projectile at the player, damaging and applying torment.
  • Slash - Slashes the player with a sword.
  • Ether Wrap - Casts three AoEs on the ground which damage and inflict Knockback.png knock back to the player
  • Spirit Fury
Stolen skills