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Einar is a norn warrior, he can be found standing at the campfire at Meddler's Summit.



You see that guy over there? The one with the regrettable mustache and kerchief? That's Maklain the Minstrel.
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You don't think it's strange to have a minstrel in this place?
What better place for a minstrel than a pit full of losers? Though I hear he was once on the brink of fame. He was up for a lead role in some big production. He was even announced as the top choice.
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What happened?
At the last minute, they pulled the old switcheroo on him. Brought in some mesmer to fill his spot. So now he's here on Meddler's Summit, rejected by the industry he loved.
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I guess that's just a part of the game.
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I appreciate the warning. I try to steer clear of artsy types.