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Dual Horizon

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Dual Horizon

Prototype Vermilion
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68336, 68435
40.25¼ Recharge time  
Dual Horizon

Prototype Vermilion swings its hammer in a circle, generating dangerous gravitational fields. Targets inside the ring receive Tidal Torment. Targets outside the ring receive Ergo Shear. Targets hit by the ring take high damage, receive a random effect, and are knocked in a random direction.

Range.png Range: 360

— In-game description

Dual Horizon is an area of effect attack performed by Prototype Vermilion during the Old Lion's Court strike mission. Players standing in the inner and outer areas of the ring are inflicted with Tidal Torment.png Tidal Torment and Ergo Shear.png Ergo Shear, respectively. Players standing on top of the ring will be inflicted with Exposed.png Exposed and heavy damage, as well as either getting pulled into the boss or knocked away from the boss.