Destroy the Inquest's golems

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Destroy the Inquest's golems

Interactive map

Interactive map

Destroy the Inquest's golems is a level 6 dynamic event that occurs in The Funhouse within Metrica Province. Once this event has been completed, Salvage Specialist Roj will offer her services as a merchant in Obscura Incline for 3 minutes.


  • Veteran Mark II Golem
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Mark I golemites killed: x/3


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 601 Experience.png 45 Karma 10 Copper coin
Silver 511 Experience.png 39 Karma Copper coin
Bronze 451 Experience.png 34 Karma Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 6 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event starts
Inquest Extinguisher: Advance no farther! You will pay for what you've done to our lab.
Salvage Specialist Roj: Oh, yeah? Who's going to enforce this payment?
Inquest Extinguisher: Thank you for asking. I'd like you to meet my enforcers. Inquest Golem Assault Force, activate.
Salvage Specialist Roj: No, the gate! Your wicked creation controls it, I see.
Inquest Extinguisher: Don't pretend to understand our device. You couldn't hope to fathom its capabilities and intricacies.
Veteran Mark II Golem: Activation—complete. Intruders—will—be—contained—and—eliminated.
Salvage Specialist Roj: Purge these golems from our world! I will not tolerate such evil in my presence!
Salvage Specialist Roj: We can handle these without even an ounce of perspiration.
Event success
Inquest Extinguisher: Where did we go wrong? *disappears* only if she survived the event
Salvage Specialist Roj: As I expected. We did it! Follow me, krewe! We're getting out of here.
Salvage Specialist: I knew we'd get out of there eventually. The odds against us getting out of there alive were high, however.
Salvage Specialist Roj: You were in deep, it's true. But, wasn't it fun? I'd suggest we do it again, but I need to return to the old golem foundry.
Salvage Specialist: You've obviously lost a few nuts and bolts. I'm heading back now.
Salvage Specialist Roj: Such a sour individual, you are.
Once the specialists leave
Salvage Specialist Roj: (snicker) No one noticed that I pocketed a goodie from that Inquest lab.
Salvage Specialist Roj: I'll test it out back at the old golem foundry!
(Approaching the edge of the cliff up ahead.)
Salvage Specialist Roj: Jump! Wooooooo.


  • Success of this event resets the event chain.