Defeat the Bloody Buccaneer Captain to break the pirate assault on Marshwatch Haven

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Defeat the Bloody Buccaneer Captain to break the pirate assault on Marshwatch Haven

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat the Bloody Buccaneer Captain to break the pirate assault on Marshwatch Haven is a level 46 event that occurs in Portage Hills. A veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain spawn, as well as other non-veteran Bloody Buccaneers at the Marshwatch Haven, contesting the nearby waypoint. (Non-veteran Bloody Buccaneers are equipped with swords, daggers, or pistols, but they all have the same name.) After the boss is damaged to 75% health, he will disappear for a short time, while the non-veteran mob continues to attack. If dead, Sheriff Fiercefang will automatically revive shortly before the boss reappears. The cycle repeats at 50% and 25% health.


  • Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 3,124 Experience.png 225 Karma 52 Copper coin
Silver 2,656 Experience.png 192 Karma 45 Copper coin
Bronze 2,343 Experience.png 169 Karma 39 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 46 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: All right, enough hostage games! It's time for Plan B!
Bloody Buccaneer First Mate: But, Captain! You can't mean to assault the haven—
Sheriff Fiercefang: It looks like all of the merchants have returned. You got lucky, but you've gone and stirred up the pirates now!
Caravan Guard: But we're safe, right? You don't think they would attack the haven.
Sheriff Fiercefang: Ha! Not if they want to live. They can have their pitiful swamp, but nobody messes with my—
Bloody Buccaneer First Mate: Cap'n! Beggin' yer pardon but a direct attack is suicide!
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: Stow that gutless whine, matey. We're pirates! We don't have to fight fair!
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: Connoisseurs of carnage! Revel in destruction!
Bloody Buccaneer First Mate: Ahh! A surprise attack? I was wrong ta' doubt you sir!
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: Get into to[sic] position, nice and quiet-like. When I give the signal, show no mercy!
When down to 75%
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: What? Were you expecting a fair fight?
Sheriff Fiercefang: Trecherous pirate scum!
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: Put your backs into it! I want deeper wounds! Harder hits!
When down to 50%
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: If you want to beat me, you'll have to find me!
Sheriff Fiercefang: Grr! Fight, you coward!
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: Take what you want, lads and lasses! Take money. Take prisoners. Take lives!
When down to 25%
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: You haven't seen the last of me!
Sheriff Fiercefang: Someone find him!
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: Go forth and kill!
On success
Veteran Bloody Buccaneer Captain: All right, I surrender!
Sheriff Fiercefang: Not if I can help it! kills the Captain
Sheriff Fiercefang: Victory!
If you disable the Captain, you can kill him before he 'surrenders'
Sheriff Fiercefang: Victory!


  • The Captain will not offer surrender if the Sheriff has been downed.