Dashiel Howett

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Dashiel Howett was the supervisor of the sewer system in Lion's Arch. His principal concern were the smugglers that pass merchandise through the sewers. He was killed during the attack on Lion's Arch, as confirmed on the Bulletin board.


Hey <Character race>, you c'mere. We got another backup in the sewers down there. Could just be a fish caught in a grate, or it could be smugglers trying to worm their way in again. Someone's going to have to check.
Talk more option tango.png Why don't you just go check?
Some people think, and some people do. I'm a supervisor, which means I tell the thinkers what to think and the doers what to do. You look like a thinker AND a doer. So... you think you can do this?
Talk more option tango.png I don't know ... how would I even get down there?
There's three ways to get there:First, find an open access point on the surface and drop down from above. Second, drop into the canal and swim up from below. The third involves getting flushed.
Talk end option tango.png Why don't I go away and think about this. Good luck.
Talk end option tango.png I think I can, but I think I won't.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck finding a volunteer.


  • This NPC appears to be a reference to Dashiell Hammett, famous for his hard-boiled detective novels such as The Maltese Falcon.