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Canthan Armor Box

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Canthan Armor Box.png

Canthan Armor Box

Item type
Account Bound
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95773, 97839

Canthan Armor Box is a container that allows players to choose an armor piece from the Ancient Canthan or Antique armor sets. There are two versions, and the box rewarded from the repeatable reward track contains only two Mystic Clovers while the unrepeatable reward track contains seven Mystic Clovers.


  • Tier 8,
5th reward. 40th of 40.



  • The trading post prices for the items in this box are:
Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Ancient Canthan Greaves.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Greaves
Ancient Canthan Gambeson.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Gambeson
Ancient Canthan Gauntlets.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Gauntlets
Ancient Canthan Helm.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Helm
Ancient Canthan Tassets.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Tassets
Ancient Canthan Spaulders.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Spaulders
Ancient Canthan Light Boots.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Light Boots
Ancient Canthan Tunic.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Tunic
Ancient Canthan Light Gloves.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Light Gloves
Ancient Canthan Light Helm.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Light Helm
Ancient Canthan Light Leggings.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Light Leggings
Ancient Canthan Light Shoulderpads.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Light Shoulderpads
Ancient Canthan Medium Boots.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Medium Boots
Ancient Canthan Jacket.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Jacket
Ancient Canthan Medium Gloves.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Medium Gloves
Ancient Canthan Medium Helm.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Medium Helm
Ancient Canthan Medium Leggings.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Medium Leggings
Ancient Canthan Medium Shoulderpads.pngRitualist's Ancient Canthan Medium Shoulderpads
Heavy Antique Shoes.pngBerserker's Heavy Antique Shoes
Heavy Antique Coat.pngBerserker's Heavy Antique Coat
Heavy Antique Gloves.pngBerserker's Heavy Antique Gloves
Heavy Antique Helm.pngBerserker's Heavy Antique Helm
Heavy Antique Leggings.pngBerserker's Heavy Antique Leggings
Heavy Antique Shoulderpads.pngBerserker's Heavy Antique Shoulderpads
Light Antique Shoes.pngBerserker's Light Antique Shoes
Light Antique Coat.pngBerserker's Light Antique Coat
Light Antique Gloves.pngBerserker's Light Antique Gloves
Light Antique Hat.pngBerserker's Light Antique Hat
Light Antique Leggings.pngBerserker's Light Antique Leggings
Light Antique Shoulderpads.pngBerserker's Light Antique Shoulderpads
Medium Antique Shoes.pngBerserker's Medium Antique Shoes
Medium Antique Coat.pngBerserker's Medium Antique Coat
Medium Antique Gloves.pngBerserker's Medium Antique Gloves
Medium Antique Helm.pngBerserker's Medium Antique Helm
Medium Antique Leggings.pngBerserker's Medium Antique Leggings
Medium Antique Shoulderpads.pngBerserker's Medium Antique Shoulderpads